Frequently Asked Questions

For Podcasters

How can I add my podcast to PodLP?
Your podcast may already be available on PodLP! Publicly-available shows are automatically sourced from a variety of places. You may submit your show's RSS feed URL to ensure availability.

Can I feature my show on PodLP?
PodLP offers affordable sponsored listings to help grow your listener base. For more information, please contact us.

Does PodLP have a badge or marketing materials?
PodLP offers a badge in png and svg formats, and the PodLP logo in png. You may link to the PodLP website at; show landing pages are not available at this time.

PodLP Badge

What metrics does PodLP offer?
PodLP does not provide listener metrics at this time.

Can I try PodLP on my phone?
PodLP is currently available for KaiOS via the KaiStore and JioStore in India. Future platforms may be available at a later date.

For Users

How much does PodLP cost?
PodLP is available for free and is supported through sponsored podcast listings.

In what countries and languages is PodLP available?
PodLP is available in all countries supported by the KaiStore, and the JioStore in India. The app has been translated into English, French, Spanish, Polish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Vietnamese, and Hindi. If you'd like to translate PodLP into your language, please contact us.

What features does PodLP offer?
With PodLP you can search, listen, and subscribe to podcasts from around the world. It remembers where you left off and automatically resumes in the same place. You can also download shows to listen offline, or to limit mobile data use.

What makes PodLP different?
PodLP is specifically designed for smart feature phones and mobile phones with small screens. It is developed and optimized to minimize data usage and perform well on devices with limited resources.

Can PodLP play audio books?
Some audio books may be distributed as podcasts and available in PodLP. PodLP does not support listening to locally-saved audio books at this time.

How can I report a bug or suggest a new feature?
We work to continually improve PodLP and want to hear your feedback. Please contact us to report a bug or request a new feature.

My favorite show is not on PodLP
PodLP automatically sources podcasts from a variety of locations; however, it does not have "every podcast." If you find a show that is missing, please submit it so it can be available in PodLP.
Note: submitted shows are not available instantly in the PodLP app, it can take some time to show up in search results.

The latest episodes aren't available on PodLP
PodLP checks for updates regularly, but may occassionally become out of sync. If you find a show that is more than a day behind, please contact us.

Why does PodLP show "Network Error" when trying to play an episode?
PodLP connects users directly with podcasts from around the world and cannot control how podcasts are served. Some content may be geographically restricted to certain regions. You may also be unable to connect due to networking configurations. Adjusting device settings to "IPv4/IPv6" may resolve this issue. See the screenshots below for guidance on how to adjust Data Settings on KaiOS devices.

KaiOS Data Settings

How is PodLP build?
PodLP is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), NodeJS, and Svelte as a KaiOS packaged app. Developers can learn more about KaiOS at and